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Jürgen Krüger

The Little Guide to Karlsruhe’s Churches

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ISBN: 978-3-95505-336-9
Format/Bindung: 22 x 12 cm, paperback
Erscheinungsdatum: 31.08.2022

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This book is also available in other languages: FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH

From the 18th century with the periods shaped by Friedrich Weinbrenner and Heinrich Hübsch, across the wartimes of the 20th century, in which Otto Bartning was active, to the present day – The Little Guide to Karlsruhe’s Churches casts light on all eras of church building since the early days of the city’s foundation. But the Synagogue and the Garden of the Religions are also described.
Jürgen Krüger, a renowned expert on church building, embeds information on 37 selected churches and places of worship, their architecture, and furnishings in an overview of the last 300 years of development, thus offering the reader a straightforward interdenominational introduction to Karlsruhe’s history of church construction. Following the comprehensive volume, The Churches of Karlsruhe and the Synagogue, The Little Guide to Karlsruhe’s Churches focuses on a selection of typical and extraordinary religious buildings in Karlsruhe – a perfect companion for a walk through the church landscape of this fan-shaped city.

Jürgen Krüger, The Little Guide to Karlsruhe’s Churches.
On behalf of the Council of Christian Churches ACK Karlsruhe, the Educational Centre Roncalli-Forum Karlsruhe, the Catholic Deanery Karlsruhe and the Protestant Church Karlsruhe published by Kira Busch-Wagner, Günter Frank, Tobias Licht and Marc Witzenbacher.
96 pages with
108 mostly colored illustrations and 2 city maps, paperback.
978-3-95505-336-9. EUR 11,90.