Philipp Melanchthon - Humanism - Reformation

Audio Images from the Melanchthon House Bretten
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    A museum building stemming from the late 19th century, the Melanchthon House in Bretten is a... mehr

    A museum building stemming from the late 19th century, the Melanchthon House in Bretten is a historical treasure. It contains statues, murals, and engravings concerning the life of Philipp Melanchthon in the Reformation era. The building also houses a research library. The vitrines, wide-ranging in subject matter and fields of knowledge, display writings from Melanchthon and from his contemporaries. It is the aim of this audioguide to give voice to the house and its exhibits. Over the course of many listening stations, the audioguide is supplemented with original quotations from the polymath from Bretten, including excerpts from his letters, speeches, and books.
    The objective is to make Audio Images and not simply footnotes of architectural or philosophical-theological interest. The stories collected here, for hearing or reading, testify to Melanchthon the person: the scholar, who developed his stance through dialogue and exchange; and the spirited polemicist, who time and again was subjected to serious hostility. They testify to a father of a family and a good friend, who took a deep interest in his neighbours and called on their help in difficult times. On the internet audioguide, as far as possible, pictures will guide you to the individual objects being narrated. An available printed version offers even more.
    Several Audio Images are illustrated with further images, including engravings from the printed collections of the Melanchthon House. Artistic representations from the 19th century make an ideal complement to the stories from Philipp Melanchthon’s life.

    The Audioguide is also available in French and German.

    Axel Lange, Philipp Melanchthon - Humanism - Reformation. Audio Images from the Melanchthon House Bretten.
    80 p.with 84 pictures, mostly in color, paperback.
    ISBN 978-3-95505-193-8. EUR 9,90.

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